You want to learn or improve your German, and get to know the German culture outside of a school setting? We offer for all of our CCFA members a Tandem service to get in touch with a native German speaker.

It’s a simple principle: we put together two people who are interested in each other’s language. During their
meetings, the Tandem partners talk together and once half of the determined time has passed, they switch to the other language so that everyone can benefit from it!

To practice in the most efficient way, your are free to meet wherever you please: comfortably sitting in a café,
discussing your job while at a museum, during a walk in the park or even on a bike ride — with or without a tandem bike…

No matter your age, no matter your language skills, the principle works for every proficiency level. With the
information from your Tandem application form, we will find your ideal Tandem partner.

Apply here!
You can find the PDF application form here


Some learning material is also available at the CCFA for the Tandem partners to use.
If you have any question, please write us an email at: ccfanantes@gmx.net


Here are some advice to carry out your « Tandem partnership »

• Try to find some balance between the two languages, and to not always use the language in which you are the
most comfortable.

• Talk about your availability: How many times do you want to meet? How long do you think your
meetings should be? Where do you want those meetings to take place?

• Clearly state your expectations and your perspective regarding the Tandem: Do you want your partner to correct all of your mistakes or only the most important ones? Is there a particular skill you want to improve, for example pronunciation or writing skills? Is there a particular type of vocabulary you want to improve (for example the vocabulary linked to a field of work or to a particular hobby)?

* If you are not part of the CCFA yet, the membership becomes mandatory once you have found someone.