About us

Willkommen … and welcome to the « Centre culturel franco-allemand » de Nantes (CCFA)! We invite you to discover Germany through our language programme and our great variety of cultural events. Your support means a lot to us ! Become a member of the association and benefit from our services.

History of the CCFA Nantes

The German-French cultural centre of Nantes (CCFA) was created in 1993 on the initiative of various French and German partners, including the German Embassy as well as the University and the City of Nantes. It forms part of the European cultural centre. Therefore, it can act in areas beyond those relating solely to German-French relations. The CCFA represents an “info point” of the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ / DFJW) and the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Further more, it provides young people, parents and teachers information about school exchanges and higher education in Germany.

Collaboration with German universities

The cultural centre works in close collaboration with the Department of German Studies at the University of Nantes. The CCFA ensures for this reason active participation in events promoted in the framework of partnerships that the University of Nantes maintains with the German universities of Düsseldorf, Rostock and Saarbrücken (e.g. the French-German Summer University Nantes-Saarbrücken). In addition, the CCFA supports other German-French partnerships and arrangements in the region, such as the twinning-agreement linking the Pays de la Loire with the Land of Schleswig-Holstein.

Integration into the cultural landscape of Nantes

The German-French cultural centre in Nantes is perfectly integrated into the cultural and associative landscape of Nantes. It is known for its cultural activities, events and round tables with renowned writers like Günter Kunert, Pascal Mercier, Birgit Vanderbeke, Thomas Brussig or Volker Braun. Also the German Film Festival « Univerciné allemand », which takes place every November presenting the new films released in cinemas across the Rhine and other German film classics, is organised by the cultural centre.

The large program offered by the CCFA reaches far beyond culture and information alone. It puts into perspective the topics concerning the development of the Federal Republic as well as the political, social, economic and cultural life in Germany by providing opportunities and a platforme to discuss these.