Cultural programme

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  Come and discover Germany through our linguistic programme and our numerous cultural events. All year round, the Cultural Center offers a range of cultural activities for everyone. Among our regular events:  Franco-German Stammtisch: The idea behind our Stammtisch? A friendly meeting between French and German people who want to speak German and have discussion over a drink. Don’t wait… Come and have a drink or two with us, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!   Speakdating: Take part in a lively linguistic “tête-à-tête”! Themes can be decided by the hosts or chosen by the participants. The German language for free, and for every level: it’s possible! Franco-German Choir: The Franco-German Cultural Center invites you to take part in the choir, to discover and sing a repertoire of songs in German and French. Kindernachmittag: The CCFA team presents Germany to your children through the 5 senses. This playful approach allows them to discover everyday objects for Germans, tastes and smells from famous dishes, some famous monuments and many other surprises.  Literary Circle: Dive into the world of German literature and discover a variety of authors! Germany, often known as the “country of poets and thinkers”, is the birthplace of many rich and worthwhile masterpieces. Of course, you will also discover Austrian and Swiss writers! You are interested by our activities? See the agenda for the next events.