Other courses/ activities in German

Literary Circle

This workshop aims to share the pleasure of reading in the original language. The really diverse books chosen by the participants are presented to the group and discussed in German. The Literary Circle allows onlookers and German literature enthusiasts alike to share their favorite books and discover new ones (level B2
and up).

  • 1h30 each week: Tuesdays 14h30-16h
  • Annual subscription: 100 € + CCFA-membership
  • 6-months subscription: 60 € + CCFA-membership

Courses for young people

Vorlesekurs: for (German-speaking) children from 6 to 11 years old

  • Schedule: Wednesdays14h30-15h30 (ONLINE every other week)
  • Price: 50€ each year/20 € each semester + CCFA-membership 10 €

NEW «L’allemand en jouant » 

For children between the ages of 10 and 14, who already have some knowledge of German. 

  • Schedule: Wednesdays (every other week) 16h-17h
  • Location: CCFA / Europa Nantes
  • Price: 80 € annual subscription or 50 € 6-months subscription + CCFA-membership


Individual courses for young people and adults: 25 € + CCFA-membership


Intensive courses for school children: Tuesday through Friday from 9h30 to 12h30

  • Collège (A1/A2): October 26th-29th 2021
  • Lycée (B1/B2): April 12th-15th 2022
  • Price: 110 € + 10 € CCFA membership for young people

A1 to C1 level Goethe-Zertifikate exam sessions for adults and young people:


Goethe-Test PRO on demand


Franco-German choir:

  • Monday evenings 19h-20h30, DRAC room, entrance 15D boulevard Jean Moulin or 2-4 rue du Drac, 44100 Nantes. Tramline 1 to Mitterrand, tram stops Lauriers or Jean Moulin, bus 11 Jean Moulin
  • Full rate annual subscription : 120€ + CCFA-membership
  • Reduced rate (students, job seekers, people with disabilities): 85 € + CCFA-membership

You can check out the selfassessment form (page 25 of the CEFRL) to determine your

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